Cultivate Sustainable
Business Growth
on ENX Ecosystem

ENX Computing

ENX hardware is the ecosystem components to start up your business.

Business Software & Solution

ENX specializes in business services that include Corporate Email, Cloud Storage, Corporate Hosting, Cloud Communication, and JadeFolio

Bridge for Physical Boundaries

ENX provides collaborative network, seek to bring disparate groups together so that they can work effectively and synergistically together. Our platform centralizes content so that everyone within the ecosystem is well connected to increase efficiency, convenience and security.

Generate Revenue

The process by which ENX markets and sells your product or service to produce income when you are part of ENX family.

ENX Partner Program

We put our partners at the center of our business and focused on helping you grow your business. As you increase your skill, revenue and commitment to ENX, you gain access to higher levels of benefits and rewards.

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty program is a rewards program offered by ENX to customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products.

Financial Technology

ENX ecosystem platform will facilitate online payment and business transaction.

Business Expansion

ENX will support your business to reaches the point for growth and seeks out for additional options to generate more profit when you join our family.