Return & Refund Policy

How soon will I receive my refund?


Refund can be processed in case of return or cancellation. For your convenience, we offer different refund options for you to choose from, based on your payment method at the time of purchase.


We will update you via email and SMS once your refund has been initiated. You will be able to see the credited amount on your statement as per the lead time listed in the table below for each of the refund channels.


If the refund does not arrive after the next two months’ statements, please contact your issuing bank or party directly for support.

Payment Method (at the time of purchase)
Refund Method
ENX Processing Time (after return has been evaluated/cancellation has been done)
Bank Processing Time (after refund has been processed by ENX)
Credit Card/Debit Card Credit Card 1 – 3 working days 5 – 15 working days (depending on your bank)
Cash On Delivery (COD) Bank Transfer 1 – 3 working days 1 – 3 working days
Bank Transfer Bank Transfer 1 – 3 working days Immediate


Note: Any postage fee incurred during the returns, please send us your postage fee with receipt for us to refund to you. Processing time will be the same as bank transfer method.